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iron strip is the most commonly used metal in the world and is found in countless products. It is used in everything from plumbing to cutting-edge designs in aerospace and nuclear industries. It is also available in many different forms.

A metal (from Greek metallon’mine, quarry, metal’) is a chemical element or group of elements that are shiny when polished, conduct electricity and heat relatively well, and are ductile, malleable, and can be shaped into thin wires. Examples of metals are aluminum, copper, steel, and iron. Pure iron is soft and easily oxidized, but by adding carbon, it becomes stronger and more durable.

Sacrificial anodes are used on ships to protect the main hull and ballast tanks from corrosion. They work on the principle that when a metallic anode is dipped in an electrolyte, such as sea water, it will corrode first by acting as cathode and sacrifice itself for the parent material. This is why it is preferable to use metal strips of top-order metals in the reactivity series for protection, such as zinc or aluminium.

Metal strips can be made from a variety of ferrous or non-ferrous metals and alloys. They can be formed by deformation processes including bending, curling, punching, rolling, and deep drawing. They can also be prepared by material removal, such as machining and abrasive machining and finishing processes that shape the surface finish, texture, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance of the strip. These include polishing, burnishing, peening, galvanizing, painting, and lubricating.

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