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Graphite powder It’s a type of mineral powder. The main component is carbon-simple substance. It has a dark grey color. Graphite is a powder with high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity. It’s used in refractory material, conductive material, and wear resistant lubricating materials.

High Purity and Graphite powder Properties

It is insoluble in organic solvents, water, dilute acid, and dilute alkali. When heated, graphite can be more easily oxidized with acid. It can also react at high temperatures with metals, forming metal carbides which can melt metals.

Graphite Powder is a chemically reactive substance. Graphite’s resistance will change with different environments. Graphite Powder is a good non-metallic conductive substance. The graphite in the object will be energized if it is unbroken.

The special properties of graphite are due to the special structure of its powder:

1) Type high temperature resistant: The melting and boiling points of graphite are 3850+-50°C, respectively. Weight loss is minimal even when burned with an ultra-high temperature arc. Thermal expansion coefficients are also small. With increasing temperature, the strength of powdered graphite increases. The strength of the graphite doubles at 2000degC.

2) Electrical and Thermal Conductivity: The electrical conductivity graphite is 100 times greater than other non-metallic minerals. The thermal conductivity of graphite is greater than metal materials like steel, iron and lead. The thermal conductivity drops with temperature. Even at very high temperatures, graphite is an insulator.

3) Lubricity: The lubricating properties of graphite powder depend on the size graphite flakes. The larger the graphite flakes are, the lower the friction coefficient is and the greater the lubricating properties.

4) Chemical stability Graphite is chemically stable at room temperatures and resistant to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.

5) Plasticity Graphite is a tough powder that can be connected to very thin flakes.

6) Thermal Shock Resistance: Graphite Powder can withstand dramatic changes in temperature when used at room temperatures. The volume of graphite does not change when the temperature suddenly changes.

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