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Flake graphite Powder It is a natural crystalline form of graphite that is hexagonal, has a layered crystal structure and is shaped similar to fish phosphorus. It is a good material for high temperature resistance.

Natural Flake Graphite:

The flake graphite is characterized by complete crystallization and thin flakes. It also has good physical and chemical characteristics. It has good electrical conductivity and thermal shock resistance.
Graphite is a powder with good electrical conductivity. Although it can’t be compared to aluminum, copper, iron and other metals its electrical conductivity is very high when compared to common materials. The electrical conductivity of this material is higher than that of stainless and carbon steel.

Natural flake graphite is a good lubricant. The coefficients of friction for graphite powder are as low as 0.01. Lubrication performance is dependent on the flake size. The friction correlation coefficient is smaller and the lubricating performance better when the flake size is larger.

Natural flake flakes of graphite are resistant to heat shock. The thermal expansion coefficient of flake graphite is low. This means that it will not crack when the temperature suddenly changes.

Natural Flake Graphite:

In the metallurgical field, Flake Graphite is used extensively in advanced refractories. Graphite Emulsion is produced after intensive processing of flake-graphite. It can be used as lubricants or wire drawing agents.

Flake graphite can be used as a functional coating filler for coatings such as anti-corrosion, fire-resistant and conductive.

If zinc yellow is added to the formulation to improve the anti-rust effects, then it can be used as an anticorrosion material.
Expandable graphite, a type of graphite interlaminar composite obtained by chemical and electrochemical treatment using natural graphite as raw material, is used as fireproof filler.

It can either be used directly to make a carbon-based filler or made into a composite filler that can be used in conductive coatings.

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