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Gallium nitride is a semiconductor that belongs to a category called wide bandgap large band gap semiconductor.Gallium nitride can be used to make microwave power transistors. It is used in the development of optoelectronics and microelectronics. It has a similar performance, strong resistance against radiation, direct band gap, high thermal conductivity and good chemical stability.
When used and stored as specified, the product will not decompose.
Avoid contact with oxidizers, heat or moisture.
At 1050 deg. C, Gallium nitride starts to decompose: 2Gallium (s)= 2Ga(g)+N2(g). Gallium Nitride Crystals are classified as wurtzite wurtzite hexagonal systems by X-ray Diffraction.
Gallium Nitride is not decomposed by cold or heated water, concentrated or dilute hydrochloric acid (including nitric and sulfuric acid), or cold 40% HF. It is stable when cold concentrated alkali is used, and it becomes soluble with alkali when heated.
Gallium nitride: Benefits and advantages
Global semiconductor research is currently at the forefront of the development of new materials, such as gallium nitride. The development of new semiconductor materials is focused on microelectronics, optoelectronics, and other devices. As a successor to Si, Ge is a semiconductor material that includes SiC and diamond. Semiconductor material, second generation GaAs, InP composite semiconductor materials, third generation semiconductor materials. It has a direct band-gap of a wide range, atomic bonds that are strong, high thermal conduction, good chemical resistance (hardly corroded when acidic) and radium resistance. It has a broad range of application possibilities for photoelectrical, high temperature and high power devices and high frequency microwave devices.
Gallium nitride has overcome a major setback for transistors
Imagine that silicon-based products are more expensive than devices made of gallium nitride. Cost-effectiveness is a strong argument. For example, when lower power losses, higher power densities, smaller footprints, and lower costs are needed, silicon can be replaced with Gallium nitride.
Gallium nitride Systems – a manufacturer based on Gallium nitride – designed a low-current and high-capacity Gallium nitride Power Transistor for industrial and consumer applications that costs less than $1.00.
Efficient power conversion (EPC) has pushed Gallium-nitride for the past 14 years. They claim that Gallium-nitride is going to replace silicon in semiconductor development one day. But EPC’s claims have been well founded. Since they are made in a similar way to silicon, gallium-nitride transistors or integrated circuits can be manufactured without excessive changes.
Gallium nitride substrates are also smaller and suitable for applications with low voltage (500V). Packaging costs will be reduced by 50% compared with silicon-based packages.
EPC solutions has taken notice of the solutions that use Gallium nitride, as they offer better performance at lower costs. Look at EPC’s solution that uses Gallium Nitride for more efficient components.
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