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Silicon nitride Inorganic substance Si3N4 has the chemical formula. It is an important ceramic structural material with high wear resistance, inherent lubricity and high hardness. The atomic crystal silicon nitride resists oxidation when heated to high temperatures.
It is a synthetic ceramic. Because the covalent bonds between silicon and nitrogen in its structure are strong, it has high strength, hardness, corrosion, oxidation, abrasion, and thermal shock resistance.

Silicon Nitride: Properties

Normal temperature strength and high fracture toughness are characteristics of silicon nitride. They will maintain their strength at high temperatures. The properties of the material are:

(1) Silicon Nitride material is low in linear expansion, has good thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance,
(2) The hardness level of silicon nitride, at 99.5, is the second highest in the world, only behind diamond and BN.
This material is also wear resistant and self-lubricating.
(4) Silicon nitride exhibits good mechanical properties.
(5) Silicon nitride has excellent insulation properties at high temperatures and is a great insulator.
It can also exist in some alkalis; It can be found in some alkalis.
When silicon-nitride ceramics oxidize, a dense layer of silicon dioxide forms on the surface. The film prevents continued oxidation. It can withstand oxidation temperatures up to 1400 degrees Celsius and be used in reducing environments for up to 1870 degrees Celsius.
Silicon nitride has a non-wetting property with high-temperature metallic solution and molten steel slag. This makes it an excellent corrosion-resistant slag material and high-temperature filter.

Material industry views silicon nitride ceramic as a material with an excellent overall performance that can be used for high temperature fields.

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