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silver 109 is a stable isotope of silver. It is used in the manufacture of coins, jewelry and as a photographic emulsion. It is also an important material for the electrical industry where it is used to make conductive wires.

Silver is a precious metal that has been used since ancient times for decorative purposes, making coins, and in jewelry. Today it is mostly used in the form of an alloy with copper called sterling silver, which is commonly used for flatware and other objects.

It is mined from Earth in its free state and in sulfide minerals such as argentite. It is also a common constituent in the ores of copper, zinc, lead, and gold. The largest producers of silver are Mexico and Peru.

The element is also found in a number of industrial applications including mirrors, dental fillings, musical instruments, and nuclear reactors. It is known for its lustrous color, softness, resistance to corrosion, and high conductivity. It is the most noble of all the metallic elements and is more resistant to oxidation than any other metal except gold.

The isotopic composition of silver has been studied for many purposes, most notably for its use as a tracer in studies of mineralogy and geology. For example, studies of gold nuggets from three placer deposits in Germany have shown a wide range in the concentration of silver (d109Ag = -0.58 to +0.83%0), which is matched by a similar range in the isotopic composition of the gold.

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