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Stearic acid is a fat that occurs naturally in your skin. It is used in cleansers to bind to water and oil, making it easier for your cleanser to remove dirt and build-up. It also works as an emollient to soften your skin. This ingredient is often combined with other ingredients in cosmetics to make your skin feel luxurious and full. It also helps your products to hold their shape and add thickness. It is also an important part of candle making, plastics, oil pastels, and other products that require hardening agents.

As an emulsifier, stearic acid is used in the manufacture of soap and other surfactants. In addition, it acts as a softener and a stabilizing agent in the manufacture of rubber. It is also an active vulcanization agent for natural and synthetic rubbers.

It is considered to be readily biodegradable and does not cause long-term harm to aquatic life when released into the environment. Microorganisms break down this ingredient into simpler compounds, eventually converting it into carbon dioxide, water, and other natural elements. This limits the potential for stearic acid to accumulate in the environment and reduces the amount of energy needed to extract it from its source.

The stability of the stearic acid emulsion was determined through the use of rheological measurements. Results indicated that emulsions with higher animal fat content exhibited less stable properties as evidenced by the changes in the average droplet size over time.

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