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What is it?

Vanadium Nitride Powder


Vanadium nitride (VN) is a combination of vanadium as well as nitrogen. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy, also known by the name vanadium nitride VN, is a new alloy additive that can replace ironvanadium in production of micro-alloyed stainless steel.

The key features of

Vanadium Nitride Powder

It is composed of two crystal structures. One is V3N which is a hexagonal structure and has an extremely high hardness. The other is VN which is a face-centered crystal structure and has a melting point at 2360 degrees and a small hardness.

Zirconium Nitride Powder Properties

Other Titles
Zirconium(III) nitride, Nitridozirconium,ZrN powder.


Combination Formula

Molecular Weight
105.23 g/mol

The yellow-brown crystals

Melting Point
2980 degC

Solubility of in water

7.09 g/cm3


Particle size

Poisson’s Ratio

Specific heat

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Modulus



vanadium nitride VN powder CAS 24646-85-8

Vanadium Nitride Pulver’s applications

Vanadium nitride is very wear resistant and can significantly improve vanadium’s steel after nitriding treatment.

1.High-strength stainless steel has excellent weldability due to its extensive mechanical properties. These include toughness, strength, ductility, thermal fatigue resistance and toughness. Addition of vanadium Nitride to achieve the same strength can reduce costs by 20%-40%.

2.Vanadium -nitrogen alloy is used for steel bar, structural steel, tool and pipe steel, as well as cast iron. Vanadium-nitrogen steel is made from high-strength alloy steel.

3.Vanadium-nitride is capable of carrying out effective vanadium/nitrogen microalloying simultaneously, encourage the precipitation and synthesis of carbon, vanadium or nitrogen compounds in the steel and play an even more important role in strengthening settlement, refinement, and strengthening settlement.

4. Addition of vanadium Nitride to steel can increase the steel’s comprehensive mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, thermal fatigue resistance and ductility. This will also make it more weldable.

5. Adding vanadium nitride to achieve the same strength can help reduce costs by saving between 30-40%. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be used to make structural steels, tool steels, pipe steels, and cast iron.

6. The vanadium/nitrogen alloy is used in high strength low-alloy stainless steel. This alloy can simultaneously perform vanadium and microalloying. It can also promote the precipitation and growth of carbon, vanadium, nitrogen compounds in the steel. Refinement.

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