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Metal borides, among many other compounds, have a better performance at high temperatures than do metal carbides. As an example, titanium diboride (TiB2) The cermet product is more suitable for use in high temperature, high corrosion conditions.
The properties of titanium diboride both as structural materials and as functional materials

1. Structure materials. Due to its high strength, titanium boride can be used for tools, wire drawing films, sandblasting materials, and other hard tooling materials. At the same, it can be added to composite materials.

2. Functional materials. It is a very useful material for functional materials because the resistivity of titanium is similar to pure iron. Titanium boride’s electrical properties can be used to create flexible PTC material.

There are many methods to prepare titanium diboride. These include the carbothermal method of reduction, the self-propagating method at high temperatures and synthesis, mechanochemical method, vaporization method, and ball milling.

Reduce carbothermic toxicity using a reduction method
The quality of titanium diboride powder synthesized depends on the quality and purity of raw material powder. This process is widely used in industrial production. The powder obtained from this process has large particles and high impurity levels.

Self-propagating heat synthesis (SHS).
In general, this method involves pressing the raw material mixture into a solid block. One end of the solid block is then ignited to ignite the chemical reaction. The reaction releases a huge amount of heat, which causes adjacent materials to react. Eventually a combustion waves spreading at speed v forms. As the combustion wave moves forward, the raw materials are transformed into the finished product. Because of the self purifying effect, the high-temperature synthesis self-propagating process produces a high-purity product. It is then easy to sinter the powder and the external energy is consumed is low. With the use of other technical means and special techniques, it is possible to prepare dense titanium diboride directly.

Methode de Reaction Mécanochimique (MR).
In this method the powdered reactant is placed into a high-energy mill and is deformed repeatedly to break under the pressure of the grinding balls. The ball milling medium generates chemical energy through the violent friction. Comparing the two first methods of preparing titanium dioxide, the mechanochemical reactions method has advantages such as low synthesis temperatures, a wide range of raw material sources, and low costs.

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