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What Is Graphene Oxide?
Graphene Oxide (graphene dioxide) is graphene. It is usually abbreviated GO. The color of the oxide is brown-yellow. Common products available on the market include powder, flake, and solution. Its properties become more active after being oxidized because the functional groups containing oxygen are increased.
Graphene flakes are made from graphite powder, which has been chemically oxidized and exfoliated. A single atomic sheet of graphene can be expanded up to tens or microns laterally at any moment. Its structure therefore crosses the usual scales in general chemistry and material science. Graphene is a soft material that has the properties of colloids, films and amphiphilic compounds. Due to its excellent dispersibility in liquids, graphene has long been considered a hydrophilic compound. Graphene oxide, according to relevant experiments, is amphiphilic. It shows hydrophilicity along the graphene sheet’s edge, and hydrophobic properties in the center. The graphene-oxide layer can be used at the interface as a surfactant to reduce the energy. Its hydrophilicity has been widely acknowledged.

The application Graphene Oxide:

Although the oxidation destroys graphene’s highly conjugated structure, the material still retains its special surface and layered properties. The introduction of oxygen-containing groups not only makes graphene oxide chemically stable, but also provides surface modification active sites and a larger specific surface area for the synthesis of graphene-based/graphene oxide-based materials. Graphene dioxide, as a support carrier and precursor for the synthesis or graphene based composite materials is easy to functionize and has a high controllability. It provides a large surface area for dispersing metals and metal oxides as well as high molecular weight polymers.

Graphene dioxide also exhibits excellent physical properties. The coexistence of oxygen-containing functions groups at the edges and the base of graphene sheet frames allows graphene to be modulated by the type and number. The material has many applications. The material has many applications. Surface modification of graphene-oxide composite materials has many applications. This includes polymer composites, inorganic compound material, and other composite materials.

Graphene oxide is widely used as a semiconductor electronic package due to its excellent properties in terms of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

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