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What is Graphene? Graphene’s excellent optical and electrical properties make it a promising material for future applications. It’s considered a future revolutionary material.
The Application of Graphene

The graphene research and application development continues to intensify. Graphene and graphene-related material are widely used for battery electrode materials, transparent displays, sensor, capacitors and transistors. A number of disciplines have made significant progress due to the excellent properties and potential applications of graphene. These include chemistry and materials, physics, biology and environment. Researchers are dedicated to trying new methods in various fields to produce high quality, large-area materials of graphene. By continually optimizing and improving graphene’s preparation process, we can reduce the cost and use of this excellent material more widely.

Graphene, with its excellent properties in terms of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, is widely used for semiconductor electronic packaging.

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Graphene exhibits high sphericity rates and a large amount of a-phase alumina. It is superior when used in rubber, ceramics and plastics.

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