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What is the nanosilicon powder property?

Nano silicon powder The term ‘nano silicon powder’ refers to particles of crystalline silica with a diameter less than 5 nanometers. (One billion (1G), of a meter. Nano silicon powder is known for its purity, small particles and uniform distribution. This product is non-toxic because of its large surface, high surface activity as well as low bulk density. Nano silicon is a new type of optoelectronic material with a wide gap energy semiconductor. It is also used as a high power light source.
Nano-silica powder can be prepared using the gas phase laser with variable current. It has high purity, a good dispersion ability, a small particle size, symetrical distribution, elongated surface area, high activity on the surface, low bulk density and a large industrialized output.

How can nanosilica powder be used?

1. You can use nanosilicon powder to make nanosilicon wires in the negative electrode materials of rechargeable Lithium batteries, or you can use graphite as the negative electrodes of rechargeable Lithium batteries. This will increase the capacity and number of charge-discharge cycling of rechargeable Lithium batteries by 3 times.

2. It is used as a raw material for organic silicon polymer materials and high temperature resistant coatings.

3. Nanosilicon powder is applied to coatings in order to form a thin, film-like layer of nanosilicon particles. This technology is used widely for solar energy.

4. The nano-spherical powder of silicon and the diamond are mixed together under high pressure in order to produce a composite material called nano-silicon carbide—diamond, which can be used as a tool for strength and toughness.

5. The theoretical specific capacity of nano-silicon for lithium-ion cells is 4200mAh/g, which is higher than the carbon material.

6. On the nano-silicon surface, ten different nano-silicon structures are designed. These nano-structures can be used to produce photoluminescence for the main wavelength ranges from near UV to near Infrared as well as low threshold voltages electroluminescence.

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