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What exactly is Titanium Silicide

Due to the shrinkage of the device’s size, silicas, also known as metal electrodes, are used extensively in gate and source drain of MOSFETs (M0SFET). They form a low-block resistance source leakage contact that can then be used for gate electrodes.

TiSi2 This titanium silicide, (TiSi2 ) has many advantages. They can be used widely in microelectronics and aviation high-temperature resistant materials.

Preparation for Titanium Silicate

High temperature stability and a quick forming process are two of the benefits that titanium silicate offers. Two methods can generally be used to make titanium silicate. Two methods can produce titanium silicate.

Uses of Titanium Silicate

As mentioned above, titanium silicate has excellent properties: high electrical conductivity, high selectivity, good thermal stability, good absorption to Si, good process adaptability and low interference to silicon connection parameters.Therefore, titanium silicate is widely used in gate, source/drain, interconnection and ohmic contact manufacturing of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS), metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) and dynamic random access memory (DRAM) in integrated circuit devices.

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