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What is Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide? The aluminum oxide type of organic has the chemical formula Al2O3. It is a high-hardness compound.

It is a white, insoluble solid, tasteless and odorless, and extremely tough. The melting point for aluminum oxide is 2054 while the boiling point for it is 2980. Aluminum oxide is a common amphoteric oxide. It dissolves in inorganic acid, alkaline solutions, and is nearly insoluble in water.

Why is Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 so important?


Aluminum oxide, which has a chemical inertness and is white, is the most popular filler for plastics. Aluminum oxide is often used as a sunscreen ingredient and can also be found in cosmetics like blush, lipstick, and nail polish.


Many glass formulas include aluminum oxide as an ingredient. Aluminosilicate is a type of common glass that contains between 5-10 percent aluminum oxide.


Aluminum oxide can catalyze a wide range of industrial reactions. The Krauss process converts hydrogen sulfur exhaust gas to elemental sulfur in refineries. This is the most common use of aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide can also dehydrate alcohols to alkenes.

Aluminum oxide can serve as a catalyst carrier for many industrial catalysts, including those used for hydrodesulfurization as well as some Ziegler/Natta polymerization reactions.

Gas purification

Aluminum oxide is widely used for removing water from the airstream.


Aluminum oxide is used to increase its hardness, strength. Natural corundum (an aluminum oxide form) has a Mohs toughness of 9, which is slightly less than diamond. It’s widely used as an industrial abrasive. Many types of sandpaper contain aluminum oxide crystals.

Additionally, it is widely used in grinding operations, including cutting tools, because of its low insulation value and low specific heat. Arroite is a powdery abrasive metal that forms the main part of the “chalk” in billiard balls. It can be found at the tip of the cue.

Aluminum oxide powder can be used in scratch repair kits and CD/DVD disc polishing. Its polished finish is why it is used in toothpaste. It’s also used in microdermabrasion.


Aluminum oxide flakes are used to create reflective decorative effects in coatings. They can be found in the automotive and cosmetic industries.

Composite fiber

A variety of high-performance applications have been made possible by aluminum oxide in commercial and experimental fiber materials.

What is Spherical Al2O3 Oxide?

Spherical Aluminum Oxide can be used to make aluminum powder. It is made by high-temperature melt injection of an irregular high purity aluminum alloy and then filtered and purified.

High thermal conductivity, high insulation and high hardness are some of the product’s outstanding characteristics.

Spherical aluminum dioxide is widely used in thermal interface material, thermal engineering plastics, and aluminum base copper-clad plate filler.

What Are the Properties of Spherical Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide?

High Fill

Silica gel and epoxy are able to be filled with high densities and controlled particle size distributions, resulting in mixtures with good fluidity and low viscosity.

High thermal conductivity

Its spherical appearance allows for multi-directional heat transfer, good distribution in the system and high thermal conductivity.

Low wear & tear”

The equipment lasts longer because of its unique shape.

What is Spherical Al2O3 used for?

Thermal interface materials

Thermal conductive silicone gel, thermal silicone grease, thermal thermal conductive silicone potting adhesive, thermal thermal conductive dual-sided adhesive, phase changing material, etc.

Thermal engineering polymers

The LED lamp shade, the switch housing, electronic product housing and heat dissipation elements of electrical products (heatsink, filler heat dissipation sub-substrate, MC substrate), are all examples.

Thermoconductive aluminum base copper clad sheet

High-power LED circuit board, power board, etc.

Spherical Al2O3 Powder price

Price is affected by many factors, including supply and demand, market trends, economic activity and unexpected events.

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