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About Sn Steareth-n:
Sn Steareth-n is a non-ionic surfactant, stable performance, can be used in strong acid, strong base, long-term non-metamorphism and it has excellent emulsifying properties.
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Product Performance of Sn Steareth-n:
Performance is stable and can be used in strong acid, strong base, long-term non-metamorphism
Has excellent emulsifying performance and good compounding performance with other surfactants.
Suitable for the configuration of cream skin-care products.

Technical Parameter of Sn Steareth-n:

Product NamePhysical stateMelting pointDensityColor
S2Waxy hard paste   42-46℃0.97g/cm³White to light yellow

Applications of Sn Steareth-n:
Sn Steareth-n has excellent emulsifying performance, used as the emulsifier of W/O system and O/W system emulsifier, suitable for emulsifying fatty alcohol, fatty acid, paraffin, mineral oil, natural oil and other oil phases, and other surfactants with good compound performance. And It is less irritating to the skin and eyes and has good tonality. It can also be used to prepare compound emulsifiers.

Packing & Shipping of Sn Steareth-n:
We have many different kinds of packing which depend on Sn Steareth-n quantity.
Sn Steareth-n packing: 1kg/bottle, 25kg/barrel, or 200kg/ barrel.
Sn Steareth-n shipping: could be shipped out by sea, by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.

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Sn Steareth-n Properties

Other NamesN/A
Compound FormulaN/A
Molecular WeightN/A
AppearanceWhite to light yellow
Melting PointN/A
Boiling PointN/A
Solubility in H2ON/A
Exact MassN/A

Sn Steareth-n Health & Safety Information

Signal WordN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
Transport InformationN/A
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