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Cobalt carbide is a metal compound that can be used in jewelry making and various metal applications. It is a hard and durable material. In addition, it is also a corrosion resistant alloy.

This metal compound is produced by the process of mixing the binder metal with a cobalt carbide powder. It is available in different sizes and can be molded to fit your requirements.

The main uses of this metal are in hard metal production, jewelry, and machining. However, it is not suitable for repair work.

Cobalt is a radioactive tracer, and it is also used in medical equipment. Rechargeable battery manufacturers are another example of large volumes.

Cobalt is manufactured by several companies in the United States and China. Five other countries, including Finland, India, and Australia, produce it.

There are many uses for cobalt, primarily in the manufacturing of hard metals and magnetic alloys. For example, superalloy melters use it. Moreover, it is used for making high-speed steels and magnets. Besides, cobalt is used as a catalyst in the chemical industry.

This metal compound can be forged into earrings, pendants, rings, or other jewelry. In addition, it is also used for cutting and polishing materials. Compared to other binders, it offers greater toughness and corrosion resistance.

Several standard grades are available from American Elements. They follow the appropriate ASTM testing standards. As such, they are able to provide custom packaging and MSDS.

Cobalt carbide is a promising catalyst system for syngas conversion. It is used in attritors for grinding and polishing, as well as in a variety of ballpoint pens.

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