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Vanadium(III) bromide is a catalyst for C(sp3)-H fluorination reactions especially the benzylic fluorination. It is also used as an intermediate in the preparation of other compounds. It is a toxic substance and may be poisonous by subcutaneous administration. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of VOx and Br-.

Molecular Structure: A green-black solid, vanadium(III) bromide is polymeric with the octahedral vanadium(III) surrounded by six bromide ligands. vanadium bromide is soluble in water, methanol and alcohol at acidic pH and aqueous solutions are moderately viscous. It is a reducing agent and can react with acids to form volatile metal oxides such as vanadium carbonate, alum, and titanium(IV) carbonate.

More About the Elements

The element vanadium (atomic number 23) is a brittle transition metal found in nature as dark-brown ores and in the alloy Titanium-6AL-4V, the most common commercially produced titanium product. It is not produced free in nature and is typically obtained by the precipitation of its salts from water or as colorless soluble crystalline mineral halide salts.

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