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What is Aluminum Oxide? Aluminum oxide Al2O3 is an organic substance. This is a hard compound that has a melting and boiling point of 2960degC. It is a crystalline ion that can be ionized under high temperatures.
Aluminum oxide, also known as aluminum oxide, is a white, hard solid. It is not soluble in any liquid, has no taste or odor, and does not absorb moisture. It is easy for it to absorb water, but not deliquescence. Aluminum oxide is amphoteric oxide, which is easy to absorb moisture but does not deliquescence (after burning, it will not absorb moisture). It is inert, slightly soluble, resistant to corrosion, slightly soluble, alkaline, inorganic acid, and alkaline solution.
Nano Aluminum Oxide
Material for coating lithium battery separators
The high-purity Nano-Aluminum dioxide is used to coat the positive and the negative electrode separators in lithium batteries. These coatings are responsible for heat resistance, resistance to high temperatures, and insulation. They can also prevent overheating of the power battery due to high temperatures. The battery is melted and short-circuited.
Additives to lithium cathode battery materials
High-purity Nano-Aluminum doped by lithium cobalt, lithium manganate etc. Improve thermal stability, cycle performance and resistance to overcharge, inhibit oxygen formation and LiPF6 breakdown, and avoid contact between LiCo02 with electrolyte. Reduce the electrochemical loss of specific capacity, increasing the specific capacity LiCoO2.
Catalyst Carrier:
High-purity g-type Nano- Aluminum oxide This porous material has a surface area per gram of hundreds of square metres, a high level of activity and a strong adsorption ability. It is widely used in the petroleum refinery and petrochemical industries as an adsorbent. Its drying ability is comparable to that of phosphorus hexoxide. After usage, it can also be regenerated by heating to 175degC and using for 6-8 hours.

Anti-caking powder coating
Powder coatings are made with nano aluminum oxide, which has an anti-caking and bulking effect. Nano-Aluminum can be used to prevent powder from agglomerating during summer. It also has excellent storage properties, especially for powders in environments with high temperature and humidity.
Wear-resistant Hardener for Coatings, Rubber, and Plastics
By adding Nano-Aluminum, oxide to the coating prepared, it can significantly improve the scratch-resistance and wear-resistance, which is up to five times better than the traditional coatings. Nano-Aluminum dioxide can be added to paints in order to form a uniform, very hard, fine network structure on the surface. This will protect the polymer paint below the layer from damage. Nano paint is 3 times more scratch resistant than original paint. It is used for automobile paints. Addition of Nano aluminum oxide to the coating can increase its hardness by up to 6-7H. The coating’s transparency is not affected.
Thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity) of adhesives, coatings, plastics and rubbers
Aluminum oxide nano-scale has a thermal resistance of 30. It also has a large spherical amount of filling. Surface treatment agents like coupling agents can be used to improve the compatibility between the resin and filler as well as the thermal properties of the matrix without reducing their mechanical properties.
Nano Aluminum oxide is high in purity, has uniform particle sizes, and is easily dispersed. Addition of VKL30 at a rate of 10% to sintered ceramics increases the molding pressure. It also reduces the number of pores. This results in a higher density ceramic green body.
Powder metals:
Nano Aluminum for Metallurgy with small particles, large specific surfaces, high activity. Adding 1-3% Nano Aluminum to prevent densification, enlargement of crystals, increased hardness, enhanced conductivity and mechanical characteristics, as well as an increase in melting point, and high temperature resistance.
Aluminum oxide particles are uniform and have a high-spherical profile. It is also a great material for metallographic polishing. It is suitable for a variety of applications including stainless steel mirror, titanium polishing and cast iron polishing.

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