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The chemical formula for iron ii nitride is Fe3N2. Iron (II) nitride is a solid compound with a crystalline structure. Iron(II) nitride is formed when nitrogen and iron combine. The chemical bonds in this compound are strong. It has a hardness comparable to diamond and can be polished. This compound is often used as an abrasive or grinding medium. It can also be made into a magnetic material by adding niobium to the formula. The niobium makes it less likely to break and wear than a conventional grinding wheel.

A number of different compounds with the formula Fe3N2 are known. Some of these compounds have a higher nitrogen content than others. Among these is the g’-Fe4N, which has the highest nitrogen concentration of all the nitrogen-rich iron nitrides synthesized thus far. The crystal structure of the g’-Fe4N has been determined using Mossbauer spectroscopy. The spectrum shows 3 Lorentzian sextets, corresponding to the three different arrangements of the iron ions in the compound.

Despite its high nitrogen content, the g’-Fe4N is thermodynamically unstable. It decomposes into iron and gaseous nitrogen, releasing a significant amount of energy. This decomposition is accelerated by the kinetics of nitrogen diffusion into the compound layer, and leads to the formation of void channels that block the nitride-austenite interface.

These voids lead to an increase in the time it takes for nitrogen molecules to reach the surface of the nitride, and slow the rate at which the compound layer grows. Consequently, the g’-Fe4N does not grow as rapidly as the other nitrides in the same treatment conditions.

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